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BABP Program

Who's it for


• Are you a beginner powerlifter and you want to hit new PRs
• Are you sick and tired of working out and seeing no results
• Do want to gain muscle and look sexy
• Are you committed to reach your goals and dream body
• You want to be effective with you’re workout and not spend lots hour in the gym.
• Do have gym accessible
• Or plaining to compete in RAW powerlifting



Welcome, My name is Jazzi, I’m a long term powerlifter athlete. Whether you heard about this opportunity from one of my ads, emails, or social media, I want to say congrats on responding quickly and reaching out about our NEW powerlifting program “ Bad Ass Babe Power Program “. You’re clearly involved in they gym and you want to have bigger gaols to be stronger build a sexy body without looking manly… and this is your first step to doing so. Now, I LOVE powerlifting coaching—outside of my family and friends, it’s my #1 passion in life. But why should you listen to me?? Well, of course, you don’t have to!! but over the past 4-5 years, I’m someone who competed in the RAW powerlifting federation 5 times and received few medals. Build sustainable muscle without looking manly!! Also learned the best way to eat and control my eating habits, without always counting calories like a bodybuilder. Before that I was obese and lost a bunch of weight in 4 years by being a cardio rabbit then I was sick and tired of it. Found great passion for powerlifting and the community of powerlifting. Nowadays, my focus has shifted from trying to be as skinny as possible to put more barbells under every women and empower them to lift heavy and get mentally and physically strong!! Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help bigger powerlifters to gain sustainable muscles and be strong at the gym and in everyday life!!

So Why Did I Create this Program?


- As I said earlier, I have personally struggled with my body image. I was obese in my high school stage and I didn’t care what people, although but deep inside I knew that was not healthy. I started to work out because I was in the kinesiology program and I started eating 6 meals “clean eating” a day, lots of cardio. But I didn’t find it sustainable cause If I stoped my 60 to 90 minutes cardio I was gaining fat very fast. So I decided to find a sport that I would fit in. so decided to compete in powerlifting in 2016 !! Feel in love with the process of gaining muscle without doing tones of cardio and looking amazing! I START GETTING LOTS OF TURNING HEAD AT THE GYM. 🙂 - Athletes of all levels need guidance with sport specific strength programming. Many of the “online`` or powerlifting programming specialists are self-proclaimed, with no credentials or formal education. Our program only scientifically based strength training that uses a combined go 5 years of strength coaching and learning and implementation in this program. We use a variety of periodization methods to create programs proven to help increase your totals on the platform. - This program was also created for competitors who either wanted to do their first competition or wanted to improve from their strength overall. I can give you all my pro tips on competing for the first time or just hitting new PRs.
- We are going to be clear with you ...With many of my “beginner” clients, I made the mistake of focusing too much time on program design and principles, and not enough time on the MOST important element of all— foundational exercise execution.
- As I said, It’s not the program itself, it’s because the order of the information delivered too much too soon. So don’t rush through the phases of the program! The methodology we use on our program is called learner progression. So you might see high volume training at the beginning of the phases! That will be hard for most people. But will deliver the results for sure.

But you might be wondering, “Will it work for me?”


*Well, it all depends on you! are you willing to put in the work needs to achieve you’re goals and look sexy for that red dress soon.
* Are you willing to ask for help if you need it?
* This program has been implemented and shown the rustles on my own body.
* So I know Bad Ass Bebe Power Program works !!

Who Is This Program NOT For?


* Girls are not feeling to get under the bar.
* Girls who are scared of lifting heavy
* Girls how never hit the gym or not feeling to start working out
* Girls are scared of natural female muscles
* Girls who don’t have at least 4 days a week to train
* Girls who are going to over train
* Girls are not trusting the process of this program
* Girls who are not invested or committed